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About Us

Glasgow & Associates, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm based in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Thanks to steady growth through client referrals, we have clients located in many of our 50 states.

Our mission is to help our clients understand, set, and reach realistic financial retirement goals. 

The first critical part of this process is to fully understand your current situation.  How long do you want to work?  Are you in good health?  Do you have special needs such as caring for a parent?  Are you trying to do something special for a grandchild?  Do we need to develop a plan should you die unexpectedly?  What is your tolerance for risk?  These are just a few of the areas that require confidential discussion. 

Second, a thorough review of your current assets is in order.  Together we need to understand what you own and why.  How are they performing?  What are the costs?  What are the risks?  Do you have accounts that need consolidating?  What is your savings rate? 

Third, Glasgow and Associates willassume responsibility for managing your portfolio.  This is a collaborative process.  Investments would be realigned.  Accounts are often consolidated or moved to a new custodian.  We do the work, but you are kept informed of every transaction.

Finally, periodic updates are critical.  Investment management involves frequent monitoring and review of portfolio assets.  Portfolios are internally reviewed no less than quarterly, and often more frequently.  We encourage regular client contact and desire in person or telephone account reviews at least annually.  It is critical that clients promptly notify us of changes in their financial status so that the appropriate adjustments may be made.  To facilitate this communication, you will have internet access to all of your accounts.  You will receive electronic or written confirmation of every transaction.  Finally, quarterly account statements are also provided.

Glasgow & Associates welcomes the opportunity to talk with you personally on how we might collaborate with you to set and meet your financial objectives.